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hello there, im emmi! 느하하 엠미 ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ☆
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(exo) jongin - dreams


"going to sit here and write 6-word stories now"
cross-posting from my new personal tumblr.

today’s state of mind:

- we are just bags of fat
- elbows bruised from hours at rest
- regret from swallowing a pearl whole
- she’s a hard act to follow
- oedipus was too blind to live
- statistics is the art of imperfection
- california, heart of my puer aeternus
- dear colleges, i cant. from emily.

(nov 5th)

inspired by my friends and what’s going on recently. brought to you by tonight’s shower musings, which were spent on these rather than brainstorming for college application essays…

  • tired of humoring me? say so.

  • "appearance: just as important as personality"

  • full plate overflowing, but still hungry

  • nevermind, thought you two were dating

  • last thing you want to be

and a couple off of a different tangent:

  • who’s the protector of the protector?

  • i am an expert at loneliness.

  • give me a chance at love.

finally picked a working story for web issue, but i need to finish it soon. its a good thing im not the poetry editor, because all of my poetry at this point is stubbornly personal and raw and ugly. i like to think that when all poets start out, they end up writing about the darkest parts of themselves; after a while, the words taper off and then they’re open to start writing about other more mundane things that are safe to show the rest of the world. but im not really there yet.
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trick or treat!

instead of working on my truckload of homework, i skipped over to zeerafuu's lj and stashed this away, huhu! i already see some of these trick dares on my tlist, so i figured itd be fun to join ;w;
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2012 trick or treat

tricks to do:
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candy that i have taken/earned huhu:
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trick fills:
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(bangtan) jeongguk - b&w


stolen from min (bluedveins)!! thought it might be interesting, esp since i just added some people on da ljs c:
the problem with lj: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. so i want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. ask away. then post this in your lj and find out what people don't know about you.
ill answer in the comments until i feel it merits a pm or something if youre really curious; im not a very interesting person in general though!?
ive been intending to write up a super personal post & a welcome to my new members of flist up u______u im lazy and spend all my time on twitter screaming about jongin instead WHAT ELSE IS NEW

also i literally thought "wait i should add a qt gif" SO

its my birthday tomorrow!