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*:・゚✧ 2014 holiday cards!✧・゚:*

HELLO FRIENDS now that i have come upon the exciting freedom of living in the college dorms and thus a mailbox/service in the same building complex as me + a post office down the road, i have decided that if you want to receive my wordz during the holiday season, NOW YOU CAN. DONT MISS OUT ON THIS EXCITING OPPORTUNITY.

info ✰

✰ this is only for people i know/i'm close with/at least friends with - if you happened to stumble across this post, sorry!
✰ i can definitely mail within the united states (and most likely canada) and POSSIBLY get it across the oceans to intl tlist~ cross your fingers!
✰ all i can offer you is a Beautiful Card with my Beautiful Hand-Written Words inside but i will try to fulfill any requests you want for the content, however adventurous or bizarre they end up being (please request below). at the very least you wont get a piece of binder paper that says HAPPY HOLIDAYS in ballpoint pen in the mail ok
✰ this holiday card experience is free of charge to you, my dear recipients ☆
✰ if i can get mail out internationally, i'll try to send them out by the beginning of november; domestically, end of november to the beginning of december! hopefully everyone will get something by the time the holiday season actually rolls around. hopefully i will not procrastinate.
✰ thus, if you want a card, please let me know before these times! unless you don't mind getting the card late/want a happy new year card instead. whatever floats your boat yo
✰ i am not responsible for any cards lost in the mail and sadly i can't offer any replacements, since the number of cards/stamps/etc i have are limited and i'm paying to make/send them out.
✰ && if you want to send me a card in return, just ask me for my mailing info!

SO IF YOU WANT A CARD please fill out this form and leave it in the comments! comments are screened, but if you're uncomfortable with leaving me your address here, you can always PM me, or contact me via twitter (@jzhongren) or tumblr (seulpeo)~*~*~

if you'd like to send a card to me in return (optional ofc!), indicate it on the form with your preferred method of contact, and i'll let you know the address you can send it to!


and thanks siming for letting me use your code for this post you rock

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